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About Me!

Name: Marx

Nicknames/Alias: Vee, Vale, Marcus, Alex, Xeo

Birthdate: October 9th

Gender: Male

Zodiac: Libra, Fire Tiger

About me:

I’m awesome, or at least I like to pretend I am. I’m from England and I love the outdoors, adventuring, photography, dance, music, and so much more! I can also make The Doctor appear humble in comparison when I’m on a good day. I want to save the world, or at least make a difference. Anything else you want to know? Follow and ask! I’m sure you’ll find out sooner or later!

Things I like: 

  • Friendship, I’d genuinely be that character in a series who spouts stupid stuff about friendship, because I genuinely hold it in really high regard. 
  • Anime/Manga, I love the stories that get told, and how well they are portrayed.
  • One of the times I feel the most free is when I’m playing guitar
  • Going on long walks or runs is another of those times.
  • Feeling like I’m making a difference in someone’s life for the better.
  • Flying. One day I aim to fly myself, without having to sit inside a plane. Just gotta figure out the -how-
  • People interest me a lot. How they work, think, and react to different situations. How we’re all the same, but at the same time vastly unique. 
  • Love. I’m one of the few hopeless romantics of this age. I would climb a mountain, build a castle, and fight a dragon for love. At least, I’d do my best!
  • Travelling and meeting new people is something I hope I can do many many more times in my life.
  • Having debates with people where nobody is right, nobody is wrong, and one or both sides don’t end up butthurt because they didn’t win.
  • Martial Arts and Dance. In fact general super-active activities make me feel good!
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